Interest Rates…… Up… Down… Stable? In 2014 and beyond

September 14 the bank of Canada announced their rate was staying at 1% so what does that mean for you and your mortgage.

It is a good thing.

  We always want to know what is in the future so read on.

For years I have been getting a financial email newsletter called Mauldin Economics. This guy is an incredibly deep thinker about the world economic situation.

This past week he talked about some of the rates around the world and in reading that I believe we are not going to see an increase in rates for a few years yet.

For example the yield on French bonds went negative in other words you have to pay to own a French bond.  The 2 year Irish bonds yield 0.004% and the European Central bank dropped their rate from 0.15% to a new lower rate of 0.05% 

With this going on in the world the assumption is interest rates and therefore mortgage rates will be continuing to hold steady for the foreseeable future.

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Clark Hitchcock

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Published 11 September 14 12:59 by Clark Hitchcock

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