Will this be the GOOD News Decade?

Will this be the GOOD News Decade?

Will this be the good news decade? That is the question rumbling around in my head these past few days. As we head into another year it is more than just another year but a brand new decade all shiny and ready to go. Are you?

Looking back ten years we had Y2K and the fears attached.  Good thing we owned Clark’s Restaurant and Catering at that time that way we could have plenty of rice and  beans as well as lentil soups on the menu.

We had tech crashes, stock market crashes, oil prices skyrocketing, gold prices through the roof, wars, tsunami’s, increased terror attacks, flu pandemics, and the list goes on.


This decade I have decided will be a good news decade for me in fact I have found a web site that has only good news that is where I will get my daily dose from.

There is this web site where you are reading this which is a good news web site a place to find comfort. 

As I plan for the year and the decade I am filled with hope and look forward to the future. There will be new discoveries, new ways of doing things, discoveries in medicine, and all sorts of things that we can be happy about.

So glad to be on the other side of the 00 and ready for the 10.


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