Chilliwack First Time Home buyer 2

You have decided to buy some real estate in Chilliwack for your first home. You have also talked with a mortgage broker and locked in your interest rate for the next 90 days as you look for the right real estate here in Chilliwack.

Today I am going to suggest that you rate the importance of several factors as you work through the things that you really want in your first home.

                                                                           not very important                        somewhat important                  extremely important

  • Price                                                                     1                                                2                                                     3
  • Distance to work                                                     1                                               2                                                     3
  • Location of home to schools                                    1                                                2                                                     3
  • close to shopping                                                   1                                                2                                                     3
  • daycare                                                                  1                                               2                                                     3                               

You get the idea. There can be a really long list of haves for your first home or it can be really short. Besides the location then you can make a list of the wants and needs for your new home as well.

Remember to Call Clark to help you walk through this process, of buying your home. Even if it is not your first home it may be your 2nd, 3rd or 23rd I am here to help you find the one for this time in your life.

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