The night mare

Last night I woke up with a start and realized it was a dream. OH was that good. I was dreaming that i was cooking in the restaurant. Now We sold that a few years ago and anyone that knows us knows that the kitchen is not where I belong. My wife Sue did such a great job in the kitchen that is why we had a successfull restaurant career here in Chilliwack. But me in the kitchen well that is another story. One day when we were also operating the Royal hotel cafe as well as Clark's restaurant we got a call that the cook did not show up at the cafe. So I had to go and cook for a few hours. The first order was for blueberry pancakes. Did you know that if you put to many blueberries in the pancake batter it is a real messy situation on the grill. Well this poor customer waited so long for these silly pancakes that I think he was considering having a mid morning nap. But in the end he did get them and I was not to be seen operating anything in the kitchen again. But I do make a mean omelette in the frying pan though.

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