Time to buy??

Are you trying to decide if this is the time to buy or should you wait until prices come down some more. Well that is a good question. Right now you have several things coming together which makes it look like it may be time to buy. Interest rates are low for example we got the rates today and a 5 year closed mortgage is available for 4.79% and some rates are as low as 3.89% for a 1 year term. the variable rate is 4.10%. So historically these are some of the lowest rates you will find. Prices have gone down on homes some and there is a good selection to choose from. People are willing to negotiate much more than was possible a year ago or so.

If you are planing to buy a home that suits your needs whether it is for just you or for you and your family and you are planning on staying there for a while then this is the time to buy. Since home values over a 30 year term have annual increases of 6%. So start building your equity now.

Give me a call and I can show you just the perfect home that suits your needs.


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