Christmas tour of lights Chilliwack

Twenty five entries into the Lighting contest. Here are the addresses, 10470 McDonald Rd, 10135 Hymar Dr., 10119 Evergreen St., 45538 Lewis, 46351 Yale Rd (sandstone place condo units) 9585 Broadway, 45354 Labelle Ave, #3-45458 Crescent Dr., 45400 Spartan, 46521 Brooks, 7649 Sapphire Dr, 7355 Leary Cresc, 45130 Bluejay ave., 6862 Brada St., 6516 Fern St., 6055 Glenmore ddr., 6040 Glenmore Dr., 5992 Deerfield Cres., #13-45286 Watson Rd., 5596 Thom Creek Dr., 555 Teskey Pl., 44649 Thom Creek Dr., 44649 Riverwood Cres., 44715 Riverwood Cres., #76-46511 Chillliwack Lake Rd., 9986 Llanberis Way.

The winners were

Lights only -10470 McDonald Road on Fairfield Island

Completely Decorated -10135 Hymar Drive

Strata/conco/mobile-#76-46511 Chilliwack Lake Road

Overall Creative Effect #3-45459 Crescent Drive

Previous winners - 9986 Llanberis Way you need to get out of the car to really see it to its maximum.

And 7355 Leary Cres is the runner up.

There are many more that did not enter the contest which are worth a drive by I saw one on Princess St last night on the west side of Edward Street.

Have an enjoyable drive with your family.

Published 15 December 07 04:41 by Clark Hitchcock

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