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Myth:  It is easy to sell my own home!

Truth:  Serious purchasers almost always use a Realtor to help find and purchase a home... in part because Realtor services are "free" to the home purchaser.  Surveys consistently show that most buyers who make it to the closing successfully worked with a Realtor to buy their home.  Purchasers also very often feel awkward and uncomfortable working directly with the seller or they may feel that they are entitled to a big reduction in the price since you don't have to pay a Realtor.

Myth:  It takes longer to sell a home in the winter time!

Truth:  It is true that buyer activity is heavier in the summer than in the winter, but listing activity is also much higher in the summer and lower in the winder.  As a result, when you sell your home in the summer, you have more competition.  In winter, you have less competition and you may be dealing with proportionately more serious buyers.  The point is that any time of the year is a good time to sell - each time has it's advantage and disadvantages.

Myth:  Empty homes always sell for less than furnished homes!

Truth:  The important consideration is whether a home is properly staged.  That is, clean, in good condition and available to show.  If you  must move to your new home prior to your current home being sold, simply take measures to insure it shows well empty: repair worn carpeting, oil all woodwork, wash windows, paint walls, etc.  In fact, the home may appear larger without your furnishings and the buyers may be able to envision their belongings fitting more easily.  However, if your furnishings compliment the home it may be an advantage to keep it furnished for as long as possible.

Myth:  Your Realtor make the entire commission when selling your home!

Truth:  In 9 out of 10 transactions, the listing Realtor divides half of the total commission with the "co-operating" Realtor who has the purchaser of your home.  Further, promotional costs, such as photos, brochures, advertising, MLS fees, printing and mail outs etc, are borne by your agent.

Myth:  Property condition is not important to purchasers!

Truth:  A property in superior condition will sell faster and at a higher value than a home in average condition.  Most competing sellers realize that condition is important and that recarpeting, painting, and maintaining the yard will help sell the home.


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