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I have been thinking about this blog about real estate tips  and wondering what exactly should I put in it to be helpful to the readers of this blog. Several thing have come to mind as I think about that in regards to real estate. Things that only experience gives us.

As a seller after the decision to sell  is made your life is not all your own any more. You can expect calls at all kinds of odd times for showings, people sometimes just happen to be driving or walking by and start  wandering around your yard. Potential purchasers are out with their realtor and ask to see your home as they are driving by, so you get a call from your realtor asking if they can see it in 1/2 hour or less. What does that mean for you? Mostly some stress, but also the need to have your home ready to show all the time.

As a purchaser there are  a few things that will make life a little less stressful. That is preparation. Talk to your mortgage person and know what price range you can work within. I almost always tell people to talk with a mortgage broker because of their volume of business they can get a better deal for you even with your own bank then that same bank will give you.

 So now you have made a decision we are going to buy this home. Great now what. One of the subjects will be subject to an inspection. You have a decision to make. Do your own or hire someone. To hire someone it will cost you more than $400.00 most of the time and to do your own will mean 3 or 4 hours crawling in the attic, the crawl spaces, testing everything, documenting everything. It is your call If you do your own and miss something, once the subjects are off you do not have any recourse. If you hire an inspector and something is found in the inspection you do have some leverage to either have it fixed or a possible reduction in the price. So decide carefully the money spent may be well spent on a professional.


Published 04 September 09 02:43 by Clark Hitchcock SRES

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